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There are two ways of seeing everything. Clear seeing sees genuine reality, suchness, things as they are. Confused seeing sees projections and delusion. From clear seeing comes liberation. From confused seeing comes suffering. That's the gist of what the Buddha taught.

Contemplating Reality, a new book by Andy Karr,* explains in plain English these two ways of seeing, and presents the progression of Buddhist teachings and contemplations that help transform confused seeing into clear seeing. This site is an introduction to the book and provides additional resources for the journey.

"Here is a book that attempts to explain the fundamental Buddhist view, something that has been neglected for so long. People have been more interested in meditation, energy, calming down, and training the mind. I can't emphasize enough during this transitional time as Buddhism is being established in the West that at least some of us focus on the Buddhist view. I welcome this book as a sign of the dawn of appreciation of Buddhist wisdom, not just for its exotic aspects but as a philosophy that is up to date and even more relevant now than ever." -Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

* Shambhala Publications, April 2007